Hello valued guests,

This website is about helping dentists by providing information that saves them time and money and helps them achieve success in dentistry.  One source of information I can call upon is the list of mistakes I have made that maybe you can avoid by hearing about my experiences.  In addition, I would love to see this site become a place where ideas can be exchanged and debated in a free and open format.

I am a dentist approaching the middle of my career.  I graduated recently enough from dental school that I still remember what that was like.  Tuition was nothing like it is now, but it was still a significant burden for me and for most of my classmates.  I bought a dental practice after practicing as an associate and I have built new offices and hired new associates and partners.  I have a fairly large staff and I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of building an efficient, friendly and professional office that I think I can call “successful.”  Along the way I have taken on and paid off millions of dollars in loans related to my education, buying a practice, building an office building and buying equipment and supplies.  I know what it’s like to have the weight of massive debt pressing down on you as you try to build a successful dental practice.  Lastly, I have always been interested in finance and investing and in fact I am currently working on my CFP credential.  I hope to share some of the important lessons I have learned along the path to financial independence which can help you to be successful in this area as well.  Once you understand the basics of finance, have your debt under control and you have a solid business plan then you can concentrate your efforts on building a practice and doing excellent dentistry and worry less about whether you will be able to retire some day or whether you will be able to afford to raise kids and send them to college (or possibly dental school or other expensive professional school).

Please take a minute to read through some of the posts and let me know what you think.  As I slow down in my practice I have a little more time on my hands.  Not only would it be satisfying to me personally to use some of this time to help some of my fellow dentists, but I also think of my own children who are currently considering careers in dentistry and I want to provide information that would help people in their position to make good decisions and to lay the foundation for a rewarding and successful career in dentistry.

I believe if you take the right approach, and get some of the big decisions right, that dentistry can be the best of the professions.  What other profession can provide the combination of financial rewards, professional satisfaction and flexibility that dentistry affords?  On the other hand, if you become mired in debt, tangled up in a practice transition gone bad or your goals for retirement are undone by poor financial or investment decisions, then the outlook could become downright ugly.  Achieving success in dentistry might not be quite as straightforward as it once was, but with the right tools success is still very possible.

Wishing you success,

The Successful Dentist